:: 20/06/2007

Directadmin has been upgraded to version 1.30.0, report any errors to support@ihostuk.co.uk

:: 14/06/2007

Installatron has been installed, A new support forum has been created.

:: 28/05/2007

We are in the process of installing Installatron for all customers to use, This will give you access to the latest scripts such as Forums, Blogs etc.

:: 04/05/2007

In the next week we will be undergoing maintenance on our billing system. Further to this DirectAdmin control panel will be updated from version 1.2.94 to 1.2.96, there may be some disruption to service between 1am-6am. Thank You

:: 14/04/2007

Serendipity Server IP:

Nameservers are as before:

:: 14/04/2007

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully brought the replacement server online (serendipity). Customers should have experienced no data loss. Emails will be sent out detailing changes as soon as installation is fully complete.

:: 12/04/2007

iHost-UK would like to apologise for the recent downtime customers will have experienced with our server serendipity. This was caused by the disconnection of this server by the data centre, for a Server-Level providers non-payment. We have now ceased doing business with this provider and are working with others and the data centre to ensure that the new server is brought online ASAP.

:: 17/03/2007

New server migration complete, if any problems have occurred please email support@ihostuk.co.uk or raise a ticket.

:: 06/03/2007

A new Webmail platform for all domains has been installed located at:
example.com/webmail for convenient access from work or out and about.

:: 25/02/2007

Nochex - To offer our customers even greater savings  iHost-UK will be transferring from Paypal to Nochex as our secure billing partner. All previous documentation is still valid, where paypal is mentioned please read Nochex. Thank You

:: 03/02/2007

The first phase of the new iHost-uk website comes online, ready to offer unparalleled levels of support and functionality at affordable prices.

:: 01/01/2007

iHost-uk would like to wish all its customers a Happy and Productive New year :)

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